eCommerce Consulting

Digital Marketing Consulting

Ecommerce brands today have a lot to keep track of changing technologies, penetration of automation tools, futuristic platforms & digital channels, emerging business strategies and AI- algorithms for managing customer experience. In this fast-changing ecommerce and technology landscape, having a well-defined digital strategy is indispensable to maximize the impact of your business.

Mavenecomm is offering the best ecommerce consulting and strategy services to Indian clients so that they can keep up with the industry trends.

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Account Management

At Mavenecomm we provide our sellers with the best Account Management Services, which help sellers grow their business to the next level on the Indian Marketplace. These services are delivered by experienced Account Managers with category knowledge and provide data driven insights on key inputs to help you grow your business.

Our team will help you scale your business with our comprehensive seller full account management services for: – Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, etc.

Our Account Manager is trained to assist you with improving your product selection, speed of delivery to the customer, product pricing and a host of other areas that will help you to get more customers.

We help in Seller Account Setup, Category Approval, Brand Registry & Protection, Product Listing, Manage Case Logs, Account Health Management, Product Optimization, Sponsored Ads, Sale Boost A-Z, Claim Management, Order Processing Guidance, Warehouse Registration, Seller Flex Site Set up etc.

Advertising Management

MavenEcomm is a forward-thinking eCommerce agency that provides unique strategies and services to propel your business to new heights online. We have used our vast experience to create a logical and efficient marketing strategy that can lead to boosting your website discoverability and get your business to the top. Our experts ensure to put forward the best practices and adapt to the ever-changing industry. We review your competitor’s presence and use strategic approaches to highlight your website’s USPs and engage the users to boost your website’s organic discoverability.


Our goal is to help you build a local brand that generates more business. We do this by creating a personalized advertising strategy for your company and implementation that strategy on an ongoing basis. Mavenecomm manages ads on Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and Snapdeal. We help in the Optimization of ads to generate more views and sales at very minimum price.

Brand Building

MavenEcomm is among the respected online brand development companies. We provide a wide variety of services depending on our client’s particular needs. Your brand is one of your business’s most valuable assets, and it must be carefully crafted to make sure it communicates what your business stands for and resonates with your intended customer base.

Our branding services include:

  • Building a brand identity from the ground up.
  • Rebranding established businesses.
  • Establishing brand positioning.
  • Creating a branding strategy.
  • Designing company logos.
  • Formulating brand guidelines for design, style, and tone.
  • Mapping out a social media strategy that aligns with the company’s brand identity.
  • Writing copy for websites and other digital assets that accurately reflect the brand voice.
  • Logo design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Taglines
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Visual Tone
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Defining brand

Our team fully immerse itself in every aspect of our client’s brand identity and business growth.

Review Management

For 80% of consumers, online reviews have changed their minds about a purchase, emphasizing the need for companies to nurture, manage, and respond to online reviews. At MavenEcomm, we offer online review management services that help your business attract more reviews and sales, as well as happy clients.


Review management should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, all it takes is one dissatisfied customer to negatively impact your brand’s online reputation.


We will enhance your online reputation on portals and social media, where there are higher chances of your business gaining bad reviws. As part of our review management services, we conduct exclusive research about your business and the industry you cater, so that we can identify the best strategy for enhancing your online reviews. We identify online review sites related to your business to check for any existing online reviews and respond to them accordingly, which enhances your reputation.