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What to Do About Fake Amazon Reviews

Product reviews are precious for your business, you want all that you can get. Unless, of course, they are negative. But the negative reviews will show up sooner or later. You have to understand how to handle them and can help lessen their effect on your sales.

The same goes for fake Amazon reviews as these negative reviews are rising day by day. Recent policy changes have made it harder for sellers to fight back against fake reviews.

Here are a few helpful tips for tackle fake negative reviews:

1) Know the Guidelines Inside and Out

Amazon’s Product Review Policy is probably the best place to start. If you dig deeper into Seller Central you will find the marketplace’s stance on review removal. Amazon will only remove a review if:

•             Amazon Review conflicts with any of the Community Guidelines.

•             The review was removed by a reviewer.

•             Multiple products incorrectly listed.

•             Unusual review behavior or is only accepting/displaying Verified Purchase reviews.

While the chances of Amazon removing a fake review can be low it is still possible. Because while some fake reviewers will stay inside the lines to be harder to identify.

To report a review violation, click the Report Abuse link next to the review on the product detail page. You can also email or use the Help page in Seller Central. Give a concise account of your complaint with specific details.

2) Monitor All Reviews and Act ASAP

One of the best ways to get ahead of the game is to monitor all your ratings as soon as they come in. This is not only a great way to evaluate your product but now you can also spot suspicious responses right away.

While you cannot outright call out a fake review, you may be able to nip any false or misleading information in the bud by highlighting the correct information in your content, images, or video.

Continually checking for new ratings can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you have a large product catalo. Using software like Feedback Five to streamline your review management will lighten the load and allow you to focus on other tasks. The innovative tool alerts you via text and/or email moments after a new review is received across your entire product catalo or any specific ASINs you wish to track. Plus, it allows you to send completely Amazon compliant feedback and review requests to help you rank higher and sell more the right way.

Do your best to protect your brand by identifying the bad apples and trying everything possible to separate them from the rest of the bunch.

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